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Sep 21, 2018  

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2.7M Online Stores Can Accept BTC, LTC, ETH Via Coinbase Commerce

As per a tweet issued on August 20th, developers at the firm have overhauled the official Coinbase Commerce web page to hopefully draw in new retailers. The refreshed website highlights the key features, which are as follows, of the commerce-focused service: “Up And Running In Minutes” — Coinbase Commerce allows prospective users to install and set-up cryptocurrency support “in minutes, not days,” through easy-to-integrate checkout pages, payment buttons and integrations into digital retail platforms. “Free” — Coinbase Commerce does not charge any fees when using their crypto-commerce integration service. As the crypto startup puts it “accepting cryptocurrency payments is easy and free — just the way internet payments should be.” “Stay In Control” — Coinbase Commerce is entirely peer-to-peer, with no intermediary, as the merchant accepting crypto is always in control of their assets. Additionally, businesses are not subject to chargebacks, as crypto payments are irreversible. “Secure And Trusted” — Throughout Coinbase’s six-year history, it has held the coveted position of one of the most, if not the most secure cryptocurrency platform in this industry. Additionally, the platform built up a network of trust that spans millions of individuals, like you or I. “2.7 Million Online Stores Can Now Accept Crypto With Coinbase Commerce” According to a recent tweet from Kevin Rooke, a proponent of http://smulikalaric88.wordpress.com cryptocurrency and decentralized technologies, 2.7 million online outlets can now accept the “Coinbase Four” through five separate Coinbase Commerce plugins. 2.7 million online stores can now accept BTC, BCH, LTC, and ETH with Coinbase Commerce integrations. Entirely peer-to-peer too, no middlemen involved. Just the way internet payments should be.

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